Jenni & Charles / Newport, OR Wedding / 6.23.2012

Jenni from Idaho met Charles who lived in California and they fell in love . . . So, of course having their wedding in between the two states, at the beautiful Oregon coast made perfect sense.  The ceremony and reception took place at a lovely Bed and Breakfast in South Beach, OR.  Following the ceremony, the wedding party made a short drive to South Beach State Park.  The fore-casted 80% precipitation was forgotten and the sun beamed on the new husband and wife.  I am so very excited to share a few of the first images of the stunning Mr. and Mrs. Hosterman . . . . .

Charles & Jenni Hosterman

Congratulations Charles and Jenni Hosterman!  (Stay tuned for more wedding image sneak peaks)


2 Comments on “Jenni & Charles / Newport, OR Wedding / 6.23.2012”

  1. sheena says:

    Very nice work Denise! I love how the pictures aren’t like typical wedding photos you’d normally see! They are different and I think it makes them stand out and makes them look gorgeous!!!

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