Klamath Falls, OR ~ Casey Family Photo Session {10.16.2012}

This family photo session took place at Moore Park and then down town in Klamath Falls, OR.  The Casey family was a joy to photograph.  As I edited this session, I smiled at the memory of how little Peirce said my name.  He was told to “look at Denise” enough times that he soon started telling his family to do so.  Unlike her energetic brother, little Annalie sat still and had a smile readily available for the camera.  I love sessions with children.  Capturing a glimpse of their personalities and innocence is very rewarding.  I will warn you now, I have many images to share here.  The Caseys were up to a full shoot and going to different locations, even with the little ones in tow.

Thank you Stephanie and Patrick!  It was a pleasure!


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