I Heart Faces {Beautiful B&W} Photo Challenge ~ 04.10.14

My submission for the I Heart Faces {Beautiful Black & White} photo challenge!  I started to upload five different images before I finally decided on this one from a beautiful engagement session….

P.S.  I also Heart the guest photographer judge for this contest: Andee Tate of Crave photography!   She is truly amazingly inspiring!  (No, I dont say this about every judge for brownie points)


Photo Challenge Submission


I Heart Faces Photo Challenge {LOVE} 02.05.2013

Here is my entry for the I Heart Faces “Love” Photo Challenge.  This is an image of love and an image I love…..


Photo Challenge Submission

I Heart Faces August Photo Challenge Theme {Pet Faces}: Molly Dog ~ 08.07.2012

This is my entry for the  I Heart Faces  August Photo Challenge Theme {Pet Faces}.  Her white flecks of fur and majestic poise are the by-products of a being a loyal, sweet hearted and attentive companion.  She had the demeanor of a lioness watching over her tribe.  After a long day of swimming on one of our family fishing trips, Molly is drying off in the evening air.  I do hope others love this image half as much as I do because I would really LOVE to win the Drop Studio Giveaway!!!

The Molly Lisa

Most Loyal Dog In The World

May 2012 “Hey Girl” (I Heart Faces Photo Challenge)

This month’s I Heart Faces photo challenge title is “Hey Girl”.  You can view my submission below 🙂  The great thing about these photo challenges is that you don’t have to be a “pro”.  So, if you have the perfect image for the photo challenge, submit away baby!  There are some tiny rules, like this one must include a face and a girl in the image. No cost, just a fun little challenge to keep your creative juices flowing.  The prizes are great too!  With this challenge, you can win a Tamaron lens or $100.  Oh, and if you like my image here, Please visit and “Like” my DCLphotography Facebook Page here too!

Photo Challenge Submission