Luxe Frames ~ DCLphotography Products {2012}

I just want to share a gorgeous way to display your images! Luxe frames are available in Ornate, Hampton, Tuscan or Bombay styles. You can order black, white, pink blue or espresso in a 10”x10”, 8”x10” or 5”x7” size. With this selections, you are bound to find the perfect Luxe Frame to suit your image and your décor! {Luxe/ləks/Noun Luxury: “the luxe life”. Synonyms: luxury}



Here is the 10″x10″ white Tuscan frame:



Where Do You Print Your Digital Images?

Have you or are you purchasing a disc with images and print rights? This is great because you will have the freedom to print your photos whenever and wherever you want. You can use the same image for your Facebook profile, engagement announcements and wedding invites at your discretion.

Consider this: There is a reason photographers want images printed with professional print labs. Your photographer wants their work portrayed with accuracy and he/she does not want these images to reflect badly on their reputation.  Consistency, color correction, color accuracy as well as the quality of paper they are printed on compliment a beautiful picture. Poor print quality can actually ruin an otherwise beautiful image.

There have been several print quality comparisons done that support this. Zemya Photography posted a great blog comparison I encourage everyone to read here:

There are many other comparisons you can find throughout the web, but in a nut shell, is this accuracy and quality as important to you as it is to your photographer?   If you are buying the disc of your wedding images, I would imagine it is very important to have your photos accurately reflect your day just as it was.  Most brides would be disappointed if their bridesmaid dresses were the same color at the wedding, but vary from turquoise to navy in the different photographs.

Perhaps you are using an image for the wallets you are going to place in each of your 250 graduation announcements and saving 50 cents per image is more important than quality.  Maybe not.   The truth is, you can usually get good quality prints for the same or very close to the cost of the not so good “Mart” print labs.

Many times, you can find a local print lab that produces quality prints.  Ask your photographer who they recommend, locally or otherwise for quality prints.  Ultimately, your digital images with print rights give you the power to choose where you will print your photos.  You have taken the care to find a professional photographer who has amazing talent and the latest and greatest technology and equipment.  You have spent the time and money for a quality image.  Dont ruin your otherwise amazing  experience with a bad photo printer.

So, where do you print your images?  General public and professional photographers alike, please comment and share your opinions and experiences here.