Bend, OR ~ Newton Wedding {8.2.14} McMenamins Old St. Francis School

McMenamins Old St. Francis School in Bend, OR has a nastolgic feeling in all the indoor and outdoor settings.  It made for a fabulously whimsical backdrop on this beautiful day when two very cool people were married.  I am so happy for Ryan and Erica and so glad to be a part of this amazing day!  Even afternoon showers couldn’t stop the celebration!  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Newton!
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Bend, OR ~ Photography Workshop taught by Jill Rosell {09.13.2012}

I waited a year to attend this photography workshop.  I wanted to attend last fall, but was unable due to personal circumstances.  So, the ever lovely Jill Rosell held the workshop again this fall and I want to share the experience with you and encourage all to attend.

Jill Rosell Workshop

The workshop is taught in Bend, OR by New Zealand native, Jill Rosell of Jill Rosell Photography, who is also known for starting the I Love Bend Oregon photo site.  The workshop starts off with boarding the infamous cyclepub.  It’s like a carnival ride for grown ups!  Each student sits on one of the bike seats around the center bar of a trolly looking vehicle.

We were served beer and wine while we pedaled our hearts away and our driver steered.  As we discussed our photo interests and cruised around Bend, Jill would indicate locations she had staged along the way to stop and take some shots.  She would instruct on shutter, aperture and ISO and how to accomplish a great image by adjusting these settings appropriately.  I have working knowledge of this, but it never gets old to shoot and practice.  We photographed flowers, people/models, and a pretty cool dog.   It is good to bring a small camera bag that can be easily carried and accessed as you stop and reload at the different places.  The citizens of Bend seem to love the cyclepub and cheered at us as we cruised the streets.  We stopped for pizza along the way and I must say, I do love Bend, OR.  Its gorgeous!

The workshop ended a little after 8 o’clock and it was dark.  I suggest bringing a light jacket if you attend in the fall.  Jill passed out a couple of informative sheets along with a little treat.  My cycle mates and I parted ways with the assignment to post our images to a site Jill would send us. The site is private and serves the purpose of showing, telling and learning from the experience.  We are to share our images, wrong or right and indicate the settings and what we would do differently or not.  Below are three of the many photos I took.  The left side is straight out of camera, and the right is edited in Adobe Lightroom 4.

If you are considering attending this workshop, I give it two thumbs up and highly recommend you go!