Porters in Medford, OR ~ Engagement Session at the Depot ~ {4.9.16}

“I like trains. I like their rhythm, and I like the freedom of being suspended between two places, all anxieties of purpose taken care of: for this moment I know where I am going.”
Anna Funder

This is such a neat spot to eat, drink or shoot an engagement session! Porters Restaurant & Bar in Medford, OR is such a cool place! The staff was especially accommodating and the building has such a nostalgic  atmosphere inside and outside. I thought it was quite fitting for Mike & Sharon as they embark on their new journey together!



Klamath Falls, OR ~ Foster Wedding {9.27.14}

Cole and Jessica celebrated their sweet love with the class of tradition and much attention to detail.  The romantic shades of teal and coral were the perfect touch!  Even a thunder storm could not damper their special day!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cole Foster!


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Klamath Falls, OR Engagement Session ~ Jason & Kendra Engagement Session {4.06.13}

Jason & Kendra’s wedding is just around the corner and I am still enjoying the engagement session pictures!  So, the weather was NOT on our side in getting these finished, but that didn’t stop us.  We rescheduled a couple of times and got some pretty cute shots of the couple and Sadi!  We even have the proposal site in the background of some of the shots!   Here are a few of my top favorites from the session.


4And this is how you make sure she says “yes!”








Lay Flat Albums ~ DCLphotography Products {2012}

Did you know your photographer is just as excited to see your final photo products as you are?  OK, maybe not just as excited, but very close.  I am always looking forward to seeing, holding and admiring the final effects of clients’ photo sessions.  Here, I want to share a recent album ordered by a bride and groom.  This album has durable pages that lay flat with a linen cover the couple chose.  Here, you can see it just as it is when clients recieve it . . . .


Here is the complete order, including 3 DVDs, Disc of digital images and the album . . . .

Complete Order

Another fun feature is that all products are customized to each client.  I never get tired of seeing the same stuff and my clients will know their order is unique to their session.

I Heart Faces August Photo Challenge Theme {Pet Faces}: Molly Dog ~ 08.07.2012

This is my entry for the  I Heart Faces  August Photo Challenge Theme {Pet Faces}.  Her white flecks of fur and majestic poise are the by-products of a being a loyal, sweet hearted and attentive companion.  She had the demeanor of a lioness watching over her tribe.  After a long day of swimming on one of our family fishing trips, Molly is drying off in the evening air.  I do hope others love this image half as much as I do because I would really LOVE to win the Drop Studio Giveaway!!!

The Molly Lisa

Most Loyal Dog In The World