Klamath Falls, OR ~ Schroeder Wedding {07.06.13}

It was a sunny blue sky day when Jason and Kendra said their vows on the Running Y golf course.  I got to know these two over the last year and was overwhelmed with happiness for the new husband and wife.  We snuck off for a brief bridal session before proceeding to the reception at the Trappers Inn at the Kingsley Feild Airforce Base.  Congratulations Jason & Kendra!  What a beautiful wedding day!


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6 Comments on “Klamath Falls, OR ~ Schroeder Wedding {07.06.13}”

  1. lifewithkaishon says:

    What a beautiful couple. I love their special day. They thought of so many details. Her flowers are gorgeous. Wishing them all the best.

  2. Heather Dillon says:

    These are such beautiful photos – amazing memories to treasure

  3. Kace says:

    Love the lighting in these! Wonderful work!

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