Klamath Falls, OR – Kyle & Tina Mitchell {11.03.2012}

Tina and Kyle are very special clients because they are also my sister and brother in law.  The miles between us is more than I like, but we are dreaming and planning of the day we can drive only minutes to see one another!  When they said they were coming to Klamath Falls for a visit, I was excited!  When they said they wanted photos done while they were in town, I was elated!

The skies in Klamath Falls are often great back drops with insane colors and dramatic clouds (one huge benefit of onsite photography).  I was hoping for an intense sky since it had stormed the evening before.  It wasn’t quite as I had hoped, but the session turned out very nice.  It ended up being a session where every image is remarkable and decisions for the “keepers” was difficult.  Here are a few of the images from our session!







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